Financial Incentives for Internationalisation via e-commerce

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Elevate your digital e-commerce strategy through non-refundable financial incentives of up to 50%.

4.0: Internationalisation via E-Commerce

Through this incentive to e-commerce, SMEs get support for their individual projects of direct presence in online channels, namely the creation of their own shops and/or the adhesion to marketplaces, as well as the development of online promotion campaigns.

This notice aims to contribute to promoting e-commerce in new exporters and in companies already trading internationally.

financial incentives for internationalisation via e-commerce


Incentive rate up to 50% (non-refundable) on eligible expenses, according to the following typologies: 10.000 euros to 25.000 euros, for projects included in the “New Exporters” typology 25.000 euros to 85.000 euros, for projects included in the “More Markets” typology


Applications will be open until the limited number of applications received, depending on the budget allocation.


In the SI Internationalisation via E-Commerce, eligible expenses are

1. The acquisition of equipment and software directly related to the implementation of the project.

2. Expenditure relating to the purchase of services from third parties relating to:

2a) Design and implementation of strategies applied to digital channels for managing markets, channels, products or customer segments;

2b) User-Centered Design (UX): design, implementation and optimization of digital strategies centered on customer experience that maximize customer attraction, interaction and conversion;

2c) Design, implementation, optimization of Web Content Management (WCM), Campaign Management, Customer Relationship Management and E-commerce platforms;

2d) Creation of own online shops, registration and optimisation of presence in electronic marketplaces, including subscription and membership fees for the duration of the project;

2e) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) e Search Engine Advertising (SEA);

2f) Social Media Marketing: Design, implementation and optimization of presence and interaction with clients via social networks;

2g) Content Marketing: creation and distribution of digital content (short text, long text, images, animations or videos) aimed at capturing the attention and attracting target customers to the offers marketed by the company;

2h) Display Advertising: placing advertisements for the company’s offer on third party sites, including search engine results pages;

2i) Mobile Marketing: translation of the strategies in the previous points into customer viewing and interaction on mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets;

2j) Business Intelligence and Web Analytics: collection, processing, analysis and visualisation of large volumes of data generated from customer navigation and interaction in a digital environment in order to identify patterns, correlations and relevant knowledge to strengthen management and decision-making processes.

3. Costs of technical staff directly allocated to the implementation of the project, with evidence of skills/values in e-commerce and digital marketing and corresponding to a minimum qualification level VI (NQF).


Besides the eligibility criteria for final beneficiaries and projects established respectively in articles 7 and 8 of Ministerial Order 135-A/2022, of 1st April, the final beneficiary shall have a positive net situation in the complete fiscal year preceding the year of the application, being compulsory the submission of the Simplified Business Information (IES) for that year. Alternatively, a subsequent interim balance sheet, certified by a chartered accountant, may be submitted, provided it is reported up to the date of the application.

Companies that have been in business for less than one year at the time of application do not qualify to apply.



Carrying out an e-commerce diagnosis that allows you to assess your company’s readiness on the Portugal Exporta website. The result of the assessment defines the type of application to be submitted: New Exporters or More Markets. The recommendations made available in this Diagnostic also aim to provide guidelines for the preparation of a

Detailed International E-Commerce plan supporting the application submission.

Develop an international e-commerce plan to support its application, the company must submit a detailed International ECommerce Plan (see details in Annex I of Notice of Tender No. 08/C16-i02/2022).

Make the application in the Funds Shop through the electronic form. In annex, submit the E-Commerce Diagnosis made available by AICEP and its International E-Commerce Plan

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